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Step 1

Step 1: Skills
Gap Analysis

People Transformations will work with you, the employer to establish current challenges and issues within your business which in effect, will have a negative impact on your bottom line.

The next step would be to work with your team, get to know them and identify their personal issues and challenges.

The outcome of this option would be to bring all findings together in a report, providing full recommendations. You then have the option to take the People Transformations service a Step further and engage in a full Management program.

Teacher Assisting a Student
Step 2
Work Colleagues

Step 2: Full Management Program

So why would you invest in professional development?

You may have already identified learning gaps within your management / leadership team.  There could be disharmony at all levels within single or multiple teams.

For example, you may have identified poor communication, high staff turnover (expensive!) or you may feel that a negative culture is developing.

Whatever your issue, People Transformations can target learning and development to support your needs. People Transformations can deliver strategic management and leadership learning and development across all industries; however, is specialised in provision of the same for the payroll industry.

How we can help your management team

To facilitate professional development, People Transformations Ltd has partnered with Upskill People who provide a range of online courses. Specifically, their online Managing People, a Management Wizard which Elaine has tried and tested and is by far one of the best Management Programmes Elaine has come across. The programme focuses on real management challenges and gets to the nitty gritty of management issues for any level and covers the following areas of management:

  • Preparation and Planning 

  • Well-being of your teams, helping you to understand your people 

  • Recruitment 

  • How to handle new hires with a focus on Induction 

  • Coaching and Performance Management Appraisals 

  • Managing Talent 

All linked to set of related competencies and behaviours. The aim being to create consistency across your management / leadership teams.


The online Managing People and Management Wizard is a great standalone programme. However, as an endorsed consultant with Upskill People, in addition, the PTL service provides an opportunity to bespoke training and offer a blended learning experience for your organisation, bring the online programme alive and relate to your current business challenges. This is facilitated by:

  • Group coaching sessions 

  • Additional – Individual coaching sessions if required

  • Using the Action Learning method, which aims to draw out learnings and how they will be applied to the day job

  • Set SMART goals and link to the Performance Review process 

  • As a result, you will receive a full report based on your people performance which will demonstrate how individuals have progressed through this journey

  • Full recommendations will be provided to signpost managers and leaders to the next steps for their teams learning and development journey

The coaching sessions are a valuable way to identify hidden issues and challenges that may be hindering communication and progress within your business.

The most important aspect is being able to see real results and forms the start of the learning journey. A happy management team means a happy workforce! If you wish to explore this option, please contact Elaine:,uk Logo on white copy.png
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